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Improved Network Support

Both the GET-10xx data loggers and their configuration software tool now offer improved support for advanced network configurations.

The data loggers now support multiple static gateways to allow routing of FTP traffic to different network segments. This supports operation where the data logger needs to send data to an Internet based server and also to a local server on a different subnet. The Modbus TCP support in the GET-10xxMM can also use the gateways to provide access to data on different subnets.

The ConfigGET1032GUI software now provides tha ability to select the network interface to use for communications. This is particularly useful with VPN setups or with Laptops with WiFi and Ethernet connections. An additional new feature allows BACnet devices to be manually added to the Device List which allows configuration of devices over VPN connections which do not route the broadcast BACnet messages which ConfigGET1032GUI uses to auto-discover devices. Both of these features help to simplify the configuration process and save time and effort.