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Apartment/Public Area Energy Dashboard Display

Using the power of the Raspberry Pi and Mango, we can now offer an inexpensive, stand-alone solution for automated data visualisation and display with our Energy Management Systems. Utilising a single connection to provide power and networking, the 7″ touchscreen allows for effortless use and means the display can be installed just about anywhere a CAT 5 cable can be run. Alternatively, the display can be powered from a 5V PSU and connect to the EMS using WiFi to provide further flexibility.

Using simple drop-down menus, you can choose what data to view and over what timescale. Whether you want to look for trends, check up on usage or just see the latest values – the 800 x 480 pixel capacitive touchscreen display renders your data simply and clearly.

The same platform can be used with a full-sized display to provide an inexpensive solution for dashboard displays for public areas, apartments etc.

Powered via POE (power over ethernet) or an external 5V PSU.
10 finger capacitive touch.
Screen resolution 800 x 480 pixels.
Approx. 200mm x 120mm x 50mm including stand.
Can be wall mounted from the rear.