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Kepak Athleague

Kepak is a large meat processing company with several production facilities in Ireland and the UK.

Our first installation for Kepak was for their facility in Athleague. We were engaged by Casey Technology to provide the automatic meter reading system to feed date to their Bureauscope Energy Monitoring system.

There are 11 GET-1032 data loggers installed in Kepak Athleague in 5 separate locations. Each of the 5 locations is equipped with a GPRS Router, which we supplied, which provides the network connection to the Bureauscope server. There are a total of 73 pulse meters on this site covering water, electricity, oil, gas and tallow which are being logged by our GET-1032 data loggers.

GLAS Energy technology provided the commissioning services for all the loggers and GPRS routers. Our data loggers are designed for reliability and require next to no maintenance once installed. This installation has been running smoothly since 2013.

Kepak Watergrasshill

Our second installation for Kepak was in their Watergrasshill facility.

In this instance we replaced an existing BMS based meter reading system which was no longer operational. Again, we are feeding the meter data into the Casey Technology Bureauscope system which is based on the eSight platform.

There are 13 data loggers installed in Kepak Watergrasshill in 8 separate locations. 3 of the locations use 3G routers for their data transfer and 5 locations use the local area network. There is a mixture of pulse meters, Modbus meters, temperature sensors and 4-20mA sensors on this site, with a total of 71 meters/sensors in all.

GLAS Energy technology provided the commissioning services for all the loggers and 3G routers for this installation and also provided technical assistance in relation to the selection of meters, sensors and interfaces. This site has been operational since 2016.

ClientCasey Technology
SkillsEngineering / Planning

We continue to incorporate GLAS Energy Technology infrastructure in our systems because of their reliability, as our clients, who are mainly engaged in food production, demand top quality services.