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How do you configure the network settings for the GET-1032?

The GET-1032 is factory configured to use DHCP for network setup. If you need to use a fixed I/P address with the GET-1032, you can use the GETnet.exe program (available from Public Downloads on this site) to configure the network settings.

How do you know if the network is operating correctly?

When operating normally, the orange LED on the network socket should be illuminated and the green LED should flash when there is network activity. The Config LED on the GET-1032 will flash once a second if there is a valid network connection established and will flash 4 times a second if there is no valid network connection.

What BACnet communications options does the GET-1032 support?

Version 1.0.x of the GET-1032 firmware supports the BACnet/IP communications protocol. BACnet MS/TP support is in development and will be released soon.

Is the GET-1032 BTL Certified?

The GET-1032 is not currently BTL Certified.

What is the battery life of the GET-1001WM?

The battery life of the GET-1001WM is dependent on the frequency with which the GET-1001WM transmits its readings. When transmitting at 15min intervals, battery life in excess of 12 years can be achieved.

What is the communications range of the GET-1001WM?

The communications range of the GET-1001WM is dependent on a number of factors including: antenna type of the receiving device, physical orientation of the antennae, the presence of obstacles etc. In the open air, up to 100m is possible and indoors typically 20m – 30m.

How do you configure the GET-1001WM for operation?

The GET-1001WM is configured over the air using the USB Wireless M-Bus adaptor and PC software supplied with the GET-1001IK Wireless M-Bus installation kit.

The magnet supplied with the GET-1001IK is used to switch the GET-1001WM into configuration mode.

How do you configure the GET-1032WM for operation with the GET-1001WM?

The GET-1032WM is configured for Wireless M-Bus operation with 1 or more GET-1001WM devices by creating a configuration file and sending it to the device with the GETIOConfig.exe program. The configuration file allows you map values from the GET-1001WM to BACnet Analog Value objects or BACnet Accumulator objects.

What are the power requirements for the GET-1032?

The GET-1032 requires 12V DC +/- 10% with a minimum current capability of 200mA.

What options are available for mounting the GET-1032 controller?

The GET-1032 controller has facilities for DIN rail mounting and key hole slots for mounting via screws. In addition, the supplied rubber feet may be fitted to allow the GET-1032 be used on the desktop without slipping or scratching the work surface.

WEEE Take Back

GLAS Energy Technology is committed to meeting the requirements of the European Union (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Regulation 2014. These Regulations require producers of electrical and electronic equipment to finance the takeback, for reuse or recycling, of WEEE resulting from products that we have placed on the Irish market. In line with that commitment GLAS Energy Technology will take back WEEE from you.
For product that we placed on the market after August 13th, 2005 you do not need to make a new purchase from us to avail of the offer. However, for product that was placed on the market before August 13th, 2005 we are only obliged to take it back when you make a purchase from us of a similar type of product.


icon ConfigGET1032GUI (6.9MB)

This program is the new GUI I/O configuration utility for the GET-1032 family of controllers. Please see the GET-1032 user manuals for details.

Download the setup program and run it to install

icon GETNetConf.exe (40 kB)

This is the GET-1032 Network Configuration Tool. It is used to configure the network setup for the GET-1032 family of controllers. Please see the GET-1032 user manuals for details.

icon clGETLog.exe (108 kB)

Simple command line utility for reading trend logs from a BACnet device and writing them to a CSV file.