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Active Energy Controls

Active Energy Controls

Active Energy Control Ltd. (AEC) provides Energy Distribution & Energy Utilization customers with services and equipment for the measured delivery of energy to downstream end-user clients & processes.

GLAS Energy Technology has partnered with Active Energy Control (AEC) on a number of projects and have been able to provide customised solutions in a number of instances where our standard data loggers did not provide the needed functionality. Projects include:

Apartment water billing solution in Slough, United Kingdom. This is an M-Bus installation with two GET-1008MB data loggers reading from 53 apartment water meters. We also developed a data conversion application to allow the CSV files from the data loggers be imported directly into the Easy Billing Software billing system.

Apartment energy meter reading system for Kilmaley District Day Care Centre. In addition to reading the M-Bus heat meters for each of the 24 apartments on site, we implemented the protocol for the Heatmiser PRT-N Slimline Series room controllers to allow monitoring of the room temperatures in 12 of the apartments. We also implemented the serial protocol for the Lopper Biomass Boiler installed on site to allow recording of service information such as boiler flow, return and flue temperatures etc. The data from Kilmaley and a number of the other projects we have worked on with AEC is fed into the Sensorlog system.

Modbus Steam meter data logging. We have provided GET-1032MM data loggers for a number of projects which are feeding data from Honeywell Steam meters and GE Mass Flow Meters to Sensorlog. In addition to the energy flow, we are logging data such as the flow rates, temperatures, steam pressure, Reynolds number, vortex speed and other diagnostic information to allow monitoring of the overall system performance.

We have also worked on a number of projects for AEC involving GE AquaTrans AT600 ultrasonic flow meters. These include a number of semi-portable installations combining a GET-1008MM, a 3G router and a GE AT600 for short term logging in Dairy applications.

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