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Remote logger management using Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi for remote management

Great news, all our loggers can now be managed and configured remotely using the Raspberry Pi. With the recent addition of Teamviewer support, the Raspberry Pi has become a viable option for a low cost local system to allow the management and configuration of GET-1008/GET-1032 data loggers. Previously this could only be achieved using an onsite PC or Laptop running Windows – a costly and bulky solution.

With this development in mind, we have been working on producing the necessary tools to allow the full configuration, management and checking of all the GET-10xx dataloggers using a Raspberry Pi or similar Single Board Computer (SBC) remotely via the Internet.

We are delighted to announce we now have a simple, low cost and compact management device (Raspberry Pi) which can be used alongside the dataloggers to support the following:

  • Configuring the dataloggers with the Linux version of the Configget1032GUI program.
  • Checking live values and trend logs from the loggers using Yabe.
  • Updating datalogger network settings and remotely rebooting using ADDP tools.
  • Checking network traffic using tools such as Wireshark, this is particularly useful if the Ethernet switch connecting the loggers and the Raspberry Pi has port mirroring capabilities.
  • Providing local backup of CSV files from the dataloggers using an FTP server running on the Raspberry Pi
  • Running software like Infinite Automations “Mango” to provide local display of datalogger data.